Everyone poops.

28. Februar 2011


17. Februar 2011

The Art of FLIGHT


snowboarding film trailer w/Travis Rice

15. Februar 2011

Was I really that drunk?

Hahahaha :D

9. Februar 2011

There are millions like him!

I wonder if there's some guy out there named Tim Anonymous who's never gotten credit for anything he's ever done.
By Stephen Colbert

8. Februar 2011

På tynn sjøis 2 (on thin sea ice), Sandefjord in Norway

Chuck Norris is alive, and he is Norwegian.

Vom Youtube-Comment :D

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

Star Wars - The Darth Vader Episode. The early life of the future Lord of the Sith.

2. Februar 2011


Sea Otters hold hands whilst sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other.
Und nochmal: awwwww

Comic Roundup

Mehr auf if Facebook existed years ago.

Von der komischen Gans.